Sanket Patil

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur · (+91) 976-792-2849 ·

I am third year Undergraduate student at IIT Kanpur with an interest in Single Molecular Biophysics, Super-resolution Microscopy, Bionics (Human Augmentations) and Deep Learning. Currently working on particle tracking in the context of molecular trafficking and automated single-particle tracking using Deep Learning.


Single Particle Trajectory Analysis of Lysosomes in Live Cells

Mentor: Prof. Nitin Mohan

Designed a MATLAB program for tracking the real-time intracellular movement of Lysosomes inside the cells. Analysed the transport parameters to determine whether it is confined, anomalous or normal diffusion or active transport. Used real-time STROM microscope imaging data to perform the mean squared displacement analysis and detect the confined areas and split trajectories. Use of the neural network to analyze and correctly predict the missing frames in the trajectory of the lysosome tracking trajectories.

June 2019 - Present

Selfish Vs Altruistic Behavior in Human Society

Mentor: Dr. Pradip Swarnakar

Performed an analysis of the behaviour of human beings to establish an individual's identity as selfish or altruistic. Analyzed and reviewed more than 10 research papers to design a customized criterion for determining selfish and altruistic behaviour. Collected all the individual responses throughout the campus community and determined the altruistic factor (Altruism, a) for the campus community. Designing a quantitative model using game theory simulations to foresee the future of society as which type of individuals wins the race of long-term existence.

June 2019 - December 2019


Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Kanpur

Bachelor of Engineering
Biological Sciences and Bio-Technology

GPA: 2.85

July 2017 - Present

Vasantrao Naik Mahavidyalaya

Electrical Engineering Program

GPA: 3.44

Ranked amongst the top 1% of students in Maharashtra state

June 2015 - April 2017


Preferred Programming Language
Other Programming Languages
  • MATLAB, C++, C, Clij2

Designing and Image Analysis Software
  • ImageJ
  • Origin
  • ICY
  • AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor
  • Fusion 360
  • Solidworks
  • ZEN

Relevent Courses
  • Advanced Imaging Methods
  • Neurobiology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Applied Data Science with Python
  • Mathematics for Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning Specialization
  • Applied AI with Deep Learning
  • TensorFlow in Practice


Apart from studies and programming, I enjoy most of my time in sports. I like playing Squash and I am the Captain of the Institute Squash Team. I enjoy playing Football, Badminton and Table Tennis .

When forced indoors, I follow several Football leagues across the world and video games, I am an aspiring microscopist, and I spend a large amount of my free time exploring new courses available all across the internet and the latest technology advancements across the world of computer hardware.

Awards & Certifications

  • Ranked 34th (out of 6600+ players) in All India Men's Squash Ranking by Squash Racket Federation of India (SRFI).
  • Successfully qualifed The National Abacus & Mental Arithmetic and Mathematics Test conducted by International Abacus Mathematics Association and Abacus Education Association of R. O. C.
  • Bagged School Rank 1 in National Science Olympiad conducted by SOF.
  • Qualified Advance Level Of Mental Math Arithmetic Course
  • Honoured with Tritya Sopan Badge in State Bharat Scout and Guides by K.V.S. Mumbai Division.