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I am a PhD student at the Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa, working under the guidance of Dr. Eli Slenders (IIT) and Dr. Giuseppe Vicidomini (IIT) on single particle tracking at the nanometric resolution. I am interested in deep learning, optical physics, biophotonics, and super-resolution microscopy with hands-on experience in microscope building and associated data analysis. My primary expertise has revolved around building new imaging techniques and coding software required for their hardware-software integration. I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degree in Biotechnology from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur (India). I got my master’s degree in 2022 with a thesis entitled “Automating Single Particle Tracking in Optical Microscopy with a Novel Deep Learning Architecture to Probe Intracellular Trafficking.” During my master’s degree, I also built a custom super-resolution STORM setup.

Deep Learning/AI

Probably not the first time you are reading ‘Deep Learning’ (DL). But hey, it is absolutely worth the hype. DL is bigger than recognizing cars or cats or road signs- think bigger. Next-gen neural networks can self assemble and adapt to any challenge that is thrown towards them, something biology can take an enormous advantage from.


Biophotonics is awesome. In fact, it is a combination of physics, biology, chemistry and computer science. Optical physics involved in biophotonics is like pure magic. In the old ages, we used to rely on slow copper wires for our electronics and communications. However, since the invention of fibre optics, we are enjoying unprecedented speeds, and there is no stopping now. The integration of biology gives photonics a whole new perspective of developing clinical diagnostics tools using light-matter interactions. I am really excited to see how this field evolves in the future and how it can help us make imaging techniques better.

Super-resolution Microscopy

By now, you have probably heard of super-resolution microscopy and its potential. If you have not, then allow me ⁠— the super-resolution concept takes ordinary light microscopy concept and ramps it up to 1000% by breaking the diffraction limit of light and imaging beyond it. It makes use of synthetic fluorescent probes, precise lasers and intelligent software to achieve these results. This simple yet revolutionary idea greatly excites me and I’m thrilled to see its future uses, particularly in single-cell biology and brain imaging.

Team work

It is not only about the technologies but mainly about the people behind them. (Until neural networks start writing new excellent code ("GTP-3" did it already)...) I am always excited to work in a team. Working with others generates new ideas, strengthens existing friendships and is just much more fun that can be shared, right?


The primary condition about any project and work that I do is that I do something novel. I am not interested in repeating solutions developed by the others; I am more interested in researching my solutions. I am not afraid of reading papers and independently conducting research, I actually love it!


Working Knowlege

Other languages used from time to time:
C, C++ ,Java


Designing and Image Analysis:
ImageJ, Origin, ICY, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360, Solidworks, ZEN

Complementary courses:
Advanced Imaging Methods, Neurobiology, Bioinformatics, Applied Data Science with Python, Mathematics for Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning Specialization, Applied AI with Deep Learning, TensorFlow in Practice



Projects of the past and present.

Particle Tracking Analysis

Python, MATLAB, MSD, BioImage analysis

Single Particle Tracking using Deep learning

Python, Deep Learning, Transformer, Computer Vision

Selfish Vs Altruistic Behavior

Psychology, Socio-biology, Human behaviour


Some of my past achievements.



Short Bio

Where am I in my journey?

  • 2005-2017

    The Story Begins

    I was a student at Kendriya Vidyalaya in Maharashtra, India; progressing to join the Higher Secondary Education (HSE) programme. All of the IB subjects I took, except languages and literature, were taught in English. My high-level elective classes were Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I selected Electronic engineering as my elective during the +2 degree.

  • 2017-2021


    I was accepted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, following high school and moved there in August 2017 to embark on the next stage of my journey- a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences and Bio-Engineering. I felt like a deity; combining the knowledge of electronics with cell biology was like exploring the universe at a pixel level. I was fortunate enough to be able to use different microscopes and see life at a nano level. Then deep learning gave me the power to make computers work without me working, and now the sky is the only limit.

  • 2021-2022

    Mastering 'Things'

    Afterwards, I was amazed by the power of deep learning so much that I have decided to undertake a Masters degree in this field at IIT Kanpur. My aim was to bring a more logical approach to the image processing pipeline of biological imaging data such that it can be more accessible to common folk without needing black magic like skills. During my time at IIT, I was fortunte to build a custom super-resolution microscope from scratch. An experince that changed my perspective towards what I want to do for my PhD.

  • 2022 to Beyond!

    As PhD goes

    To nurture my passion for building awesome super-resolution microscopes that can revolutionize science, I decided to join the lab of Dr. Giuseppe Vicidomini for a PhD. This feels like one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. The group does awesome science and is extremely motivated to solve any challenge that comes their way. A further plus point is that everybody is friendly it feels like a family to be working with.

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    I’m keeping an open mind about where my future takes me, but if you think I would be a great fit for your team, company or project, let me know! I’d love the chance to talk with you. Feel free to also to send cat pictures, I always appreciate those. For opportunities and cat related enquiries, there’s a button right below.


What I like to do!!

Apart from studies and programming, I enjoy most of my time in sports. I like playing Squash, and I was the Captain of the Institute Squash Team. I enjoy playing Football, Badminton and Table Tennis. When forced indoors, I follow several Football leagues across the world and play video games, I am an aspiring microscopist, and I spend a large amount of my free time exploring new courses available all across the internet and the latest technology advancements across the world of computer hardware.

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